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When it pays to be a Female

These injuries inflicted at a time fueled by alcohol consumption, stoned on pot look serious enough and the police were called in. The aggressor taken away for an interview and charged with public nuisance AND breaking a domestic violence order which the police were the applicants. Now what good will the breach of the order … Continue reading

Bits n Pieces

While trying to figure out all this new fangled stuff here in WordPress, I found how to make a collage and thought why not post it. Just shows bits and pieces of around my world in the tropics. The big green frog featured was the biggest one I have ever seen, his back foot was … Continue reading

New Home

My blog writing has been moved to wordpress and as I am new here, it will take me a bit to get it all together. There are so many more features at wordpress, one which will enable unwanted comments and words used to be filtered out by customized spam blocker. I just have to tweak … Continue reading

Diary of a Nun and a cute Ass

A visual diary of what has been going on in the last 15 months. Some interesting and some no so especially the first photo. The result of a fight with an industrial fan. Needless to say one does not take the covers off and leave them off any more. This is Flying Fish Point after … Continue reading

Canadian Seal Hunt

When animals are culled to aid the survival of an endangered species and the subjects being culled are becoming over populated, one would think it be done as humanely as possible. What of the Harp seals who are slaughtered after three weeks of age.This year will see 275,000 Harp seals killed over a weekly time … Continue reading

A Dog’s Life

Welshcakes, How do you think Ms Simi would like this spanish style doggy palace?

GIANT Mechanical Animals

Its one thing to have it served on a platter at a restaurant but how would you like to ride a giant squid? Check this out, you can ride a huge mechanical squid to an elephant in the city of Nantes, France. What a blast, sure the adults would be as enthusiastic as the children.


Henry Alexander is nothing short of a disgusting piece of shit. This animal raped an 85 year old woman who was in a nursing home, suffering from dementia. Although he pleaded not guilty, he was found guilty by jury trial. How does a 3 year jail sentence, with 2 and a half years suspended, amount … Continue reading

No puedo ir detrás

Cuando le necesito usted está casi aquí. An empty patio, a raised eyebrow, a smile that melts the arctic. Peace in the semi rural,Stars shining more brightly than the sun, drifting, floating with the breeze, shadows bleeding through the light, ciérrese tan con todo hasta ahora.

Whose Your Daddy??

Man pregnant!! Wow a break through in technology and science. Women all over the world will rejoice at the prospect of men giving birth and knowing what us females go through. Fanciful thinking of course. The ‘man’ who is reported to be 5 months pregnant, is internally still a woman. Having been born a woman, … Continue reading