Whose Your Daddy??

Man pregnant!! Wow a break through in technology and science. Women all over the world will rejoice at the prospect of men giving birth and knowing what us females go through. Fanciful thinking of course. The ‘man’ who is reported to be 5 months pregnant, is internally still a woman. Having been born a woman, Thomas Beatie from Oregon has had gender reassignment processes done, is recognised as a man and is legally married to a woman. So for all intents and purposes , Thomas is a man yet has chosen to keep all female reproductive organs . If he wanted a child so bad, why doesnt his ‘wife’ become pregnant and how much of a man does Thomas really intend to be when he wants to look and live like a man , be recognised as a man yet wants to have a child as a woman. The child in years to come will be able to say, “Oh my Dad is really my mum”. How bizarre and stupid. Sex changes and being transgender is one thing He obviously wants it both ways!


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