Canadian Seal Hunt

When animals are culled to aid the survival of an endangered species and the subjects being culled are becoming over populated, one would think it be done as humanely as possible. What of the Harp seals who are slaughtered after three weeks of age.This year will see 275,000 Harp seals killed over a weekly time frame. The hunting of Harp seals is done to prop the fishing industry in as fish stock are dwindling. A pelt from a pup will sell for approx $78 US to places like Norway, China, Finland, Hong Kong, Italy and Russia for fashions and the blubber is sometimes used for oils. These pups are killed in one of three ways, a wooden club that resembles a baseball bat, a hakapic, which is a traditional Norwegian pole and hook device or a firearm which is rarely put to use because of its costs. Quite often seals are still alive for hours after being clubbed and then they are skinned and or pulled onto decks of boats by the hooks. The slaughter of Harp seals is not for the viability of another species, it is not humane. The US has banned Canadian seal products since the early 70s and the European Union has banned the white pelts of baby seals since 1983. Wear a synthetic fur.


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