When it pays to be a Female

These injuries inflicted at a time fueled by alcohol consumption, stoned on pot look serious enough and the police were called in. The aggressor taken away for an interview and charged with public nuisance AND breaking a domestic violence order which the police were the applicants. Now what good will the breach of the order be when the perpetrator of this offence will get off with a slap on the wrist. Obviously not a first offence as the apprehended violence order was in place already. It is of no wonder the person who committed these acts will simply walk free from court with simple probation, but you can guarantee lo and behold that if a male person was to inflict these injuries on a woman he would find his sorry ass in a cell. These injuries were caused by a female to a male person , because the victim is a male does it make these injuries of less importance. Cry a few tears, act docile when your ass is in the fire and it’s blatantly obvious you caused this to another person, you know in Queensland that if you are a woman chances are it’s still going to be the mans fault! How many of these domestic violence groups do you see stand up for men against the bullshit that women do? In every ad you see promoting help for domestic violence the male is ALWAYS portrayed as the aggressor. It is about time women were held just as accountable as men for the actions they do. Stop blaming men and hiding behind the archaic laws that allow a woman to sob and  get away with it. Many men are afraid to lay a complaint out of fear of ridicule that a female could to this, shows that size and gender don’t matter. It is high time the law was applied equally, women want to be treated as equals, then cop the punishment meted out that men would get.

2 Responses to “When it pays to be a Female”
  1. jameshigham says:

    Finally got in. You think that makes it pay to be female? 🙂

  2. nunyaax says:

    No it was sarcasm , she got off because she is female!!

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