Bits n Pieces

While trying to figure out all this new fangled stuff here in WordPress, I found how to make a collage and thought why not post it. Just shows bits and pieces of around my world in the tropics. The big green frog featured was the biggest one I have ever seen, his back foot was longer than a cigarette lighter. Frogs to me are ikky but I was still in awe of his size and we let him go after taking photos.

I ventured into the world of making my own tabouleh and in my biased opinion think my effort was better than the lot you can buy from the shops. Still fiddling with foods, I used wheat germ, honey and natural yogurt to make a face mask….felt good after but there was no disappearing of the dreaded wrinkles.

Included are photos of ACDC and KISS, two of my favorite bands. No matter how old the guys from ACDC are I think they are awesome.  The trusty little white go go mobile aka my car when I first got it is also here, gets me from A to B and that’s all that matters. Featured also is Felix and Tikky but you already have seen them two before but the ginger cat is Cooper at Christmas time, he is a beautiful cat and sadly I can’t claim him he belongs to another family.

I still haven’t figured all this out yet but am trying…. am ready to tear my hair out. Have a lovely and peaceful Sunday all.


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